Meet our 2021 Innovation and Values Award Winners – Brook Hawkins

12 January 2022

Senior Health & Safety Advisor Brooke Hawkins, was recognised for the value of collaboration at the recent WesCEF Innovation and Values Awards.

Brooke has been part of the WesCEF team for four years and received multiple nominations for her work on the High Potential risk management process.

In developing this process, Brooke worked collaboratively across the business to ensure the project’s success in reducing risk across WesCEF.

The highly successful Critical Control Checklists, designed as part of this project, is now used as a metric in the business safety scorecards to help verify correct controls are in place to manage tasks and to identify where improvements can be made.

 “I feel proud to see the work in the high potential risk space highlighted in this way,” Brooke notes.

“The success of this work has only been possible thanks to an ‘entire village’ effort, extending to the WesCEF health and safety team and beyond.

“I love being part of a team who strive to contribute to a workplace where people are safe, happy and engaged and this project is testament to that.

“It’s also a pleasure to work for a business with such a wholesome culture and genuine people – that’s probably the thing I enjoy most about working for WesCEF.”

Congratulations Brooke on this well-deserved award.