Site Instructions and Rules

The following site instructions and safety rules apply to suppliers and contractors tendering and undertaking work at a WesCEF site.

Depending on the contract, other policies, procedures and standards may also be relevant. WesCEF will provide these additional documents if required.

Safety Rules

WesCEF has a strong commitment to safety. All suppliers and contractors working on any WesCEF site are required to comply with WesCEF’s general safety rules. 

Safety Resources

WesCEF’s safety documents outline clear health and safety expectations for suppliers and contractors engaging in specific types of work at any WesCEF site.

Site Instructions

WesCEF’s Site Instructions detail the instructions that must be adhered to by all suppliers tendering for work or performing work on any WesCEF site.

Site Access and Inductions

All contractors working at WesCEF sites must complete an online site induction and where applicable, an area induction. Complete your induction here.

Vehicle Access at CSBP Kwinana

Contractors and suppliers requiring vehicle access to perform work at the CSBP Kwinana site must complete a Vehicle Access Form and provide a copy of their driving license. CSBP will provide a copy of the Vehicle Access Form if required. Note: no private vehicles are permitted on site.