WesCEF roadmap leads to Jupiter

10 April 2024

WesCEF has taken an important step on its net zero journey with further investment in Jupiter Ionics, who is developing an exciting zero emission ammonia technology.

Climate Opportunities Manager Jodie Kimber said that Jupiter’s technology was an important part of WesCEF’s net zero ambitions.

“Jupiter is developing an ammonia production method that does not require natural gas and occurs as a one-step process completely in an electrolysis cell,” Jodie said.

“It’s very exciting to progress our partnership with Jupiter Ionics and continue to support them to scale up and commercialise this technology.”

WesCEF initially provided a grant to Jupiter Ionics to kick start the development of this technology in 2022, and this additional funding will allow for the further development of the technology.

General Manager – Climate Opportunities Mussaret Nagree said the investment was an exciting next step toward a decarbonised WesCEF.

“Our Net Zero Roadmap highlights the importance of partnerships and having exposure to diverse range of technologies in our journey to net zero. Their technology is early stage but could have applications for ammonia, ammonium nitrate and fertilisers in the future,” Mussaret said.