Procurement Strengthening Aboriginal Partnerships

11 July 2024

WesCEF is leading the way within the Wesfarmers group with investment in Aboriginal suppliers. We recognise the importance of positive engagement, and the great impact it has on Aboriginal communities where we work. In FY24, WesCEF more than doubled our spend on Aboriginal suppliers (across 28 suppliers) from the previous financial year.

Category Advisor Michelle Bailey is a proud Yamatji Noongar woman and member of WesCEF’s Aboriginal Procurement Team. Michelle is a key liaison with our Aboriginal suppliers and internally advocates for WesCEF’s continued commitment to our Reconciliation Action Plan.  Her unique position sees her “walking in two worlds”, navigating the (Western) corporate world and her rich cultural heritage.

These dual perspectives are invaluable, and part of the collaborative edge WesCEF strives for. Michelle’s work exemplifies how cultural integrity and business success can go hand in hand. This NAIDOC Week, we shine the spotlight on some of these relationships. Here are some of the suppliers we are proud to work alongside to deliver mutually beneficial business outcomes.


Led by Founder and Executive Chairman Kim Collard (pictured), Kulbardi is Australia’s largest Indigenous-owned holistic workplace supplier. Kulbardi’s offering ranges from stationery to technology; or workwear to office furnishings. With a national presence and prompt delivery, it’s no wonder Kulbardi is trusted and well-regarded for their customer focus.

Their philosophy aligns with WesCEF’s corporate social ethos, focusing on selecting appropriate suppliers who demonstrate environmental or social responsibility with their products. A point of pride for Kulbardi is their Bibbulmun range. With any purchase in this range, part-proceeds go to the Bibbulmun Fund. The fund invests in initiatives designed to support Aboriginal communities.

Recently, Kim was recognised as Elder of The Year at the National NAIDOC Awards. This highest honour is among his many accolades. We congratulate him on this national acknowledgement, and commend his leadership in the professional and cultural space.

Kim (on behalf of Bibbulmun Fund) received the 2024 First Nations Philanthropy Award at the Australian Philanthropy Award Showcase. He shared the national recognition is, “testament to the growing ecosystem of Aboriginal philanthropy”. The work of Kim, Kulbardi and the Bibbulmun Fund is community conscious and a prime example of business excellence. We’re thrilled to be a customer and supporter!

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Proudly Aboriginal-owned and operated by Founder and Managing Director, Koen Matera, Boodjara translates to ‘country of origin’ in local Noongar language. The significance of the name is embedded in their philosophy of fostering a strong connection to Country, and creating a meaningful opportunity for their community.

Boodjara offers a high quality and reliable electrical and instrumentation service to clients across Western Australia, in mining, heavy industrial and bulk handling sectors.

With Indigenous advancement being a primary focus of Boodjara business operations, they are dedicated to reshaping the narrative surrounding both Indigenous individuals and Indigenous enterprises. With a demonstrated history of excellence in E&I construction and maintenance, they aim to uphold their commitment to quality and innovation.

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Marlu Resources Group

Despite being founded in 2020, Marlu has more than 30 years of combined experience in Shutdown Services, fabrication, mechanical maintenance, scaffolding and transport.  Managing Director Beau Goulter’s personal connection to the stolen generation brings a deep sense of purpose to Marlu’s work.

Marlu has supported many shutdowns at CSBP – with delivery on schedule, within budget, and most importantly, with zero safety incidents!

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Indigenous Managed Services (IMS) team members

Indigenous Managed Services (IMS)

IMS is a proudly majority Aboriginal owned company operating here in Perth. The business is well established and provides a wide range of services including: Recruitment/Labour hire, Land/Grounds maintenance, Commercial cleaning and Dry ice cleaning/blasting services, along with other outsourcing functions.  

Currently, they are engaged to support our Sodium Cyanide expansion project. We are pleased to have their support for this important activity.     

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All our suppliers referenced are Supply Nation Certified. Photos by Gary Peters and Cole Baxter.