Aboriginal Engagement and Employment

WesCEF is guided by Wesfarmers vision for reconciliation; an Australia that affords equal opportunities to all. We aim to ensure that Aboriginal people feel welcome in our businesses as employees, customers, suppliers, and visitors. We will know that we have succeeded when we have​ a workplace that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

Steering our actions is our comprehensive Aboriginal Engagement and Employment Strategy, which seeks to:

  • Create employment opportunities for Aboriginal people
  • Outline key plans and guidelines to encourage stronger retention of Aboriginal employees where people choose to stay in the business and develop their careers over a long period of time
  • Contribute to a safe, positive and inclusive workplace for Aboriginal employees
  • Add to a culturally diverse workforce.


Building Relationships

We are committed to establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships with our Aboriginal employees, customers and contractors, as well as the people living in the communities in which our businesses operate. We have long lasting community partnerships  with The Clontarf Foundation and Moordjit Koort, where our support enables a wide range of local activities and initiatives that support Aboriginal people.




Building Respect

We are committed to developing awareness of Aboriginal culture and to building an organisational culture that is welcoming and inclusive of Aboriginal people.



Creating Opportunities

We are committed to creating an environment where sustainable employment for Aboriginal people is a reality. This is not only about creating jobs, but also about getting people work ready.

A wide variety of opportunities are available at our Murdoch or Kwinana locations, and we welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to submit an Expression Of Interest.

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