• 25 August 2023

    Wesfarmers Full-Year Results 2023

    Wesfarmers’ Managing Director Rob Scott said it was pleasing to deliver a strong financial performance, particularly from Wesfarmers’ largest divisions who responded well to market conditions. Wesfarmers announced the full-year results, with net profit after tax of $2.5 billion, up 4.8 per cent, and a final dividend of $1.03 per share. Wesfarmers’ profit and dividend […]

  • Eli Knudsen 30yrs CSBP Chemicals milestone
    07 July 2023

    WesCEF Employee Milestones – Eli reflects on his 30 years with CSBP Chemicals

    For CSBP’s Mechanical Field Supervisor, Eli Knudsen, every day can bring a highlight or a laugh and after 30 years with the company, he’s certainly had a fair few of both.

  • 30 June 2023

    WesCEF celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

    WesCEF celebrated International Women in Engineering Day with a special lunch and guest speaker, Wesfarmers Board Director Sharon Warburton.

  • 30 June 2023

    WesCEF Employee Milestones – from Ramp Hand to Compliance Manager, Colin’s had a busy 20 years.

    We're celebrating our employees milestone tenures with WesCEF businesses. After 20 years, Colin’s most enjoyable part of his journey has been the people he’s worked with.

  • Employee Milestone: Leigh Meyers
    01 June 2023

    WesCEF Employee Milestones – GM of CSBP AAN, Leigh Meyers reflects on 20years at WesCEF

    For Leigh Meyers, General Manager of CSBP’s Ammonia/Ammonium Nitrate (A/AN) business, the last 20 years at WesCEF has flown by, thanks to the great people he gets to work with every day and the many opportunities he’s had along the way.

  • 22 May 2023

    WesCEF Employee Milestones – Glen Williams clocks 15 years at Australian Vinyls

    WesCEF Employee Milestones – We're highlighting our people from across WesCEF businesses. Glen recently clocksed15 years at Australian Vinyls.

  • 15 May 2023

    WesCEF Employee Milestones – Darrell Done’s 30 years with WesCEF

    Darrell became a permanent member of the WesCEF team back when fertiliser was bagged and loaded by hand. Read more about Darrell's experience, fundraising initiatives and call for prioritising your health.